Your Legacy, our

Why Sageworth

Sageworth works with highly successful families to manage the challenges and opportunities that arise from substantial wealth. As a private trust company, shared family office and full-service wealth management firm, Sageworth offers its clients an integrated approach to growing and preserving their family’s wealth.

Sageworth was founded in 2001 by Tim Brown and the principals of six prominent families to:

  • Ensure stability and continuity in their families’ financial affairs for generations
  • Take ownership of the management of their investments and planning activities
  • Obtain the services of a dedicated, trusted and talented professional staff
  • Share services alongside other successful families

Since then, Sageworth has grown to serve over 80 family groups located throughout the United States and internationally who share similar needs and objectives.

Sageworth develops an in-depth understanding of each client’s accumulated wealth and exactly what it means to them. We give our clients the confidence and comfort that their legacy is secure… for both them and future generations.

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Sageworth’s culture reflects the families we serve. We are hardworking, disciplined, results-oriented and practical. We genuinely care about every family member. We are large enough to provide world-class service, yet small enough to be on a first name basis with every client.

Core Values

  • Preservation and growth of family wealth across generations
  • Alignment of interests among clients, management and owners
  • Stability and long-term focus
  • Transparency and confidentiality
  • Clear and frequent communication


Sageworth’s highly experienced professional staff have backgrounds in investment management, law, accounting, trusts & estates, and banking. Working closely together as a team, our staff is focused exclusively on serving each client’s unique needs.

"It is a great comfort to know my children are getting advice from people who both know their individual situation and the family’s situation, and know our values and the legacy that has been created for our family."