Private Trust Company

As a perpetual private trust company, Sageworth ensures continuity and stability in our clients’ financial affairs for generations by serving as executor, trustee, guardian, agent, and custodian.

Unlike traditional bank trust departments, Sageworth’s fiduciary services are delivered with the same client-focused, relationship-driven, problem-solving philosophy upon which Sageworth was founded. This approach avoids the inflexible bureaucracy of a large institution and the impersonal nature of a mere custodial trustee.

Sageworth’s fiduciary services

  1. Independent trustee for testamentary and lifetime trusts, including marital, multi-generational, asset protection, QPRTs, GRATs and life insurance trusts
  2. Expert trust and estate administration
  3. Fiduciary for company-sponsored retirement plans
  4. Uniquely qualified to deal with specialty assets, such as closely-held business interests, investment real estate and other illiquid assets
  5. Trustee for family foundations and other charitable trusts

The South Dakota Advantage

With a South Dakota trust company, Sageworth clients have access to what is widely considered the preeminent trust jurisdiction in the United States.

Sageworth’s team of wealth planning strategists and trust administrators is highly experienced and creative in dealing with the most sophisticated tax planning and trust governance strategies utilizing South Dakota trusts. We understand how to efficiently implement and administer those strategies, many of which involve private business and real estate interests.

Benefits of South Dakota trust law

No state income taxes on trust assets

Best asset protection for discretionary trusts

Best privacy statutes in the
United States

Highly flexible processes for modifying trusts